The Most Common Roofing Problems in Winter

Though your roof is designed to deliver maximum service life with years of comfort and insulation, the effect of weather is something which can bring repairs at very unpredictable times. Actually, the structure of the roof and use of components are planned to avoid damages but it is not possible at all the times especially when the winters are too harsh on the structure. Thus, the continuous action of wind, snow, and deposition of ice could bring serious damages to your roof. Here we bring you the list of some common roofing issues that you may face during winter.
Winter Roofing Problem.jpg
Clogged Gutters: Clogging of gutters is the primary reason for the roof damage during the winter season. The blockage made by the dead leaves and debris over the time prevent the flow of water which leads to pooling of water on the roof. However, you can avoid this trouble by cleaning your gutters during the timely inspection and avoid any kind of unnecessary repair work. Fallen Branches: The branches which are occupied with snow or are dead are likely to fall off during the winters. This may lead to massive damages to your roof such as wrecking of shingles, cracks leading to mold growth, and falling of heavy branches could even bring you roof failure. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get rid off any branches that are growing around your home or are likely to cause damage to your home. Leakages: Leakages are mostly caused due to fault with the flashing’s which are metal strips designed to be used at edges of the roof as a barrier to water. The improper placement of flashing or the effect of weather could lead to uplifting, loosening or detachment from the roof which may cause frequent leakages. The only way you could avoid such issues is to inspect the flashing area and replace any broken pieces from time to time. Accumulated Ice: The accumulation of water and ice under the shingles may lead to the development of ice dams. This situation occurs when the ice on the top of the roof is melted but flows down in the form of water and then freezes again reaching the downward portion of the roof. Water caught behind the ice can easily flow into cracks causing damages to structure. Thus, to avoid such issues, it becomes important to have good ventilation at the roof with all the cracks sealed. Moreover, you should keep a check to avoid any accumulation of snow or ice on your roof. Other Damage: One thing which is very inevitable is the damage to the shingles because they are not designed to last for a lifetime. If you do not care for proper maintenance of your roof, you are actually inviting the leakages and structure damages. You have to ensure that there is no sign of curled, cracked, or loose shingles and it could only be done by hiring some professional Roofing Companies In Westchester NY.