5 Roofing Hazards To Be Aware Of

  31282241_1220609271375858_2750455313571250176_nYour roof is a critical part of your house and it can cause a very serious problem when not looked after regularly. There are several problems that you could be facing right now and to get them repaired by a reputed Roofing Contractor is a daunting task. It is so because for the most part we just don’t know what all it would entail. We don’t even know what all risks the roof could be hiding in its screws and what all hazards it could be harboring in its shingles and bolts. Apart from your local Roofing Contractor in Westchester NY, there is someone else too who should be aware of these various Roofing Hazards. Who is it? It is you of course. You are going to allow these professionals into your home to alter a major part of your house and so it becomes very clear that you are going to be welcoming a bit of danger as well. They are going to be using heavy duty materials and tools and peripherals that are not the everyday stuff you see. Let’s Have A Quick Overview Of Some Major Roofing Hazards Right Now:

Risk Associated With Ladders

The Roofing Contractor in Westchester NY will most probably use a ladder if your home/ building doesn’t have the interior or even exterior stairs to reach the roof. And of course, these can easily become unstable. They will need to make sure that they are properly secured or tied to a sturdy part of the building.

What About Exterior Egress?

Ladders are not the only place of risks but also other areas of access to the roof that include hatches, elevators, and also scaffolding and penthouse doors, or even when they have to make use of power equipment such as scissor lifts and aerial platforms for places that are difficult to reach.

Don’t Forget The Skylights

Skylights pose a major threat to anyone who is in the vicinity of the worker. These fixtures will give way if you put too much weight on them. Your local Roofing Contractor will have to take special care while installing or removing them.

Keep Away From Parapet Walls

When your building has no barrier on its roof, there is no ledge to hold on to, and this means it will pose an immediate risk of falling to anyone who climbs up.

Don’t Lose The Loose Debris

Yes, this happens a lot. Whenever there is something on the roof that is causing some kind of obstruction or noise or preventing your solar water heater from functioning like it should, it most probably becomes loose and falls down when the worker is working. Things like tree branches, leaves, and even construction materials, and the most dangerous construction and repair tools can also fall on anyone nearby. Now you are aware of some of the most common hazards associated with roofing. Be alert and cautious always.