7 Tips For Roof Maintenance During Spring

Do you focus on roof maintenance after the winter? You probably do not include a roof repairs in your spring-cleaning. We all remain more concerned about walls, rooms, gardens, and door and leave our roofs behind. The roof is the most important aspect on any household. This is the time to think about your roof maintenance and take out extra time for it. Your roof always needs extra care after each winter season. Winters bring several potential problems in your roof, such as leakage issues. For example, during the winters, the rainfall, snowfall, or extra humidity in the air causes rust to your flashing. The freezing temperatures can create condensation if proper ventilation is not set up on the roof. Gutter cleaning is also important along with the maintenance of your roof.
The most important thing is that you must plan roof repairs right after winter season. With spring around the corner, you need to bring colors to your home too. Open your windows, let the brightness enter into your rooms. The next important step is to conduct a careful observation of your roof. Check the leakage areas, flashing, and drainage areas. Most of the time, we avoid discoloring. Especially, we neglect the flashing areas which may become the serious issues in future. Check your roofs carefully and find out the damages or dirty areas. It is not any difficult task, just you need to have a little knowledge regarding roof cleaning. In this article, we brought some amazing tips for your roof maintenance during springs. Now, you do not need to worry and read our tips below to know more about roof cleaning. We also understand that you may not have the time to do all of this on your own. Let us help you! Here at Glen Roofing Corporation, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and all estimates are free. We can walk on the roof or send our DJI Mavic Zoom drone to look at your roof. We also measure roofs via satellite with Eagleview the possibilities are truly endless!
Tips 1: Observe the Damage
The very first thing is careful observation. Thus, after the winter ends, always check your roof carefully. In some cases, the damage is not much prominent but careful observation helps you to get the signs of damage. For example, your roofs may have shingles or warping issues. Also, keep one thing in mind that damage is not always visible or destruction of something. It can be a sign of wear, such as discoloration of your roof. If you find any discoloration in a roof area, it means water is collecting there. You must understand that it may become a serious problem in the future and you need to correct it. Also, inspect your soffits and fascias, which serve as a prime residence for animals during winters. In such situations, take immediate action and repair your roof as early as possible.

Tip 2: Check the Roof Leakage
Some roof issues are hidden, but some are very prominent. For example, the leakage issues can damage your drywalls too. Usually, during winter the temperature reaches below the freezing point. Such a situation freezes the water inside the roof pipes and causes leakage later. Also, in some cases, the heavy rainfall and improper roof drainage issues cause leakage. Initially, it may seem like discoloring your roof, but later it may become a serious problem. That is why it is crucial to focus on roof maintenance and checkout all leaking areas. Even if a small part of your roof is leaky, you must take quick steps to repair it. For this purpose, you can get DIY repair tips from our website and can secure your drywalls.

Tip 3: Check your Flashing Areas
Whenever it comes to roof maintenance, never forget to check the chimney or skylight areas. Carefully check the metal pieces that connect your roof to the chimney or skylight area. Most of the time, these areas get rust color and may cause a variety of problems. Actually, the flashing begins in these areas very quickly and causes rust issues over time. If you will ignore such problems, this may lead to leaky roofs or mold. During the winters, the rainfall, snowfall, or extra humidity in the air causes rust to your flashing.
In some cases, the flashing areas shrink and loose areas start causing water leakage. Ensure that your flashing areas are tight and secure. If you have any doubt in its size, use cement to secure your roof. You can also replace the flashing with the new one if required. Along with flashing areas, don’t forget to check the caulking areas. If they are not in good condition, you must either repair or replace it.

Tip 4: Sweep Away the Roof Debris
Usually, we do not get enough time to clean our roofs. This causes a lot of debris, such as dirt, dust, branches, and other natural garbage, over our roofs. This sometimes also causes blockage of the drainage areas of the roof. This initially seems normal but later causes several issues, such as collecting water, or leakage issues. Thus, the best way to get rid of such issues is to plan proper roof maintenance and cleaning in spring. As soon as the winter goes and spring arrives, schedule your roof cleaning. Use a broom or brush and sweep away all the dirt or any debris. Clear the drainage areas and ensure that there is no dirt or garbage remaining at your roof. Pass the water to check if drainage areas are working properly or not. After this practice, you can now enjoy summer thunders without any worry.

Tip 5: Get Rid of Mold
Consider power-washing your roof! As part of our ongoing efforts to educate homeowners, power-washing has many benefits to the longevity and lifetime of the roof. Too much moss on the roof can cause overweight on that area, and also condensation, which breaks down plywood and the roof material. You may hear power-washing is not good, but it is the soap-water dilution ration that matters, not the pressure of the machine. The soaps do all of the work. Once the area has been prepped you may go ahead and begin power washing gently at a low PSI and clean your roof off!

Tip 6: Cleanout the Gutters Your roof drainage areas and gutters are very important parts of your home. Whenever you plan roof maintenance, focus on the cleaning of gutters. Most of the time, we clean every place of our home and leave the gutter as it is. This is because most of the time we use a broom to clean our roofs, and so we forget to clean gutters. During the winters, especially during snowfall, the gutter becomes home for leaves and other garbage. Also, in some cases, animals or birds start living there, such as frogs. They make their home and bring dirt there and this makes your gutters a place full of debris. Thus, don’t forget to clean your gutters. Pass a sufficient amount of water from the gutters and clean them. If you find it hard, you can contact our experts.

Tip 7: Check the Downspouts
In most of the cases, you can use DIY ideas to repair your roof. Also, if you have an interest in repairing and home maintenance, you can clean your roofs properly. However, in some situations, things go out of your hands. For example, if you find it hard to clean the mold, or want to get your discoloring roof repair, then contact us. Especially, if you find it hard to clean your gutters to do not find downspouts at their place, call our experts. We have a team of professionals, who provides you efficient and quick roof maintenance service. Our team will immediately help you. Our experts can also check your downspout places and clear all drains.

If you’re tight on time, we understand, it’s tough. Glen Roofing is here to help. Our professional team is always here to serve you with the best services affordable to date. You can contact us anytime by visiting our website www.glenroofingcorp.com, and can hire our experts 24/7. We will observe any roof carefully and will make a maintenance plan with the client. We use professional equipment, such as a drone DJI Mavic Zoom, and use top quality products to clean and repair roofs. They will check your drainage areas, will clean the garbage, and will ensure the tightness of flashing. In this way, you can start your spring without worrying about your roofs or any other damage to your home. Lastly, consider doing a reroof or roof replacement. We will provide you with all the options necessary for you to have an educated decision about the state of your home. Glen Roofing Corp, is a premier Westchester Roofing and Home Improvement contractor. We focus on Roofs, Siding, Gutters, Masonry, Metals, Windows & Doors, and more! Call us today for a free quote!